Turquoisebee Featured Artist

Turquoisebee is this weeks featured Etsy Artist here at On Fire for Handmade! You will find Beautiful handmade beadwork jewelry in this Etsy Shop! All of the jewelry designed and handmade by Debbie Winser.


” There is a long tradition of arts and crafts in my family. I found that the jewellery I was making for myself was becoming increasing popular with family and friends. They often wanted their own versions of the pieces I wore, and so I began to make jewellery for other people too!

I tend to work instinctively, rather than to any fixed plan. Starting with a particular colour combination, or sometimes just a single bead, I let the piece take its own form. Often the final design becomes clear only quite late on in the process.

I love to undertake commissions and work with you to create something just for you, with your colours and to your budget.”

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