Paw Blessings

Paw Blessings Featured Artist here at On Fire for Handmade. You will find Handmade Jewelry for Pets and Pet Lovers!  Celebrating our love for fur babies through jewelry in their shop!

Jewelry made for Dog Lovers & Pet Parents~

At Paw Blessings, I create Paw Print Jewelry and Dog Lover Jewelry that will spark a fun memory, keep you connected to your fur baby and make your heart smile. It gives you, the devoted pet parent, a unique and sweet way to celebrate the love you have for your fur kids. The Pawsitive Paws Collection is perfect for that!

Paw Blessings

Julie is the owner and artisan at Paw Blessings and most importantly, a doggy mom! “Fur babies fill our lives with love! God put a love for dogs in my heart so big, it spills over into jewelry!

Being a pet parent, you would choose to stay home – every day – with your fur babies. Right? That’s just a given in our world. No question about it. Let’s face it, they’re your children. We love them that much!

Once a Dog Mom, Always a Dog Mom. My fur babies have wings now, but when I ABSOLUTELY had to leave them, even for a short time, I really didn’t like it. I was content to be with them 24/7. One day I made myself a bracelet with a puppy and heart charm which was a connection, if you will, to them. As a pet parent, you know how strong that connection and love is to your fur kids and you simply don’t like to be away from them. That simple bracelet I made, brought me peace and happiness by just glancing at it. I would imagine their sweet brown eyes, soft fur and loving touch of their paws. Instant Joy! I want that for you too.

Passion for Art!


I started Paw Blessings so you can feel that every day too. Lovingly and meticulously crafted by me, Julie, a fellow member of the Pet Parent Pack, that centered my world around my fur babies. I put that ultimate love into every design that only we can understand.

You can be confident this is imaginative jewelry, made with the highest standards that will allow you to stand out from the crowd and shout to the world — I’m A Proud Dog Mom! Dedicated. Deserving. Full of Love. This is the jewelry you’ve always dreamed about and now it can be yours!”

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