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Organic Planet is this weeks featured Zibbet Shop here at On Fire for Handmade. You will find Upcycled creations in this Zibbet Shop! OrganicPlanet is all about sustainability. I only use natural fibers or recycled materials in my shop because I think it’s possible to eliminate waste, or at least get close to it!

Here’s what you’ll find in my shop:

TeeRiffic goodies — pieces knit, crocheted, or just wrapped using t-shirt yarn. If you have an old t-shirt (or any other fabric items) that you would like to reuse, please contact me about a custom order.

EcoStitch — a line of sewn refashioned items.

EcoSack/GreenTech — bags and electronic sleeves. I can customize GreenTech to fit any gadget, so feel free to ask me about making something with specific dimensions!

HandyCat — handmade cat toys made with natural fibers. If your cats are like mine, then they like to gnaw and rip up their toys, and I didn’t like the thought of them ingesting fibers full of dyes and plastics, so I started making HandyCat products for them to play with instead!

GreenSleeves — kitchen tubes made out of…yup, you guessed it…shirt sleeves. Send me your old shirt and I’ll send you a pair of GreenSleeves.

Patterns — If you see it on my site, I can provide a pattern for it. Just ask.

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“I am a twenty-seven year old, California grown woman. Starting my own business seemed to come naturally as I grew up watching my father run his own small business.

My objective is to create a place where people can find high-quality, unique, American made items created from recycled and natural materials.”

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