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Kids Kids Kids Meet the On Fire for Handmade Etsy Team. This week we want you to meet three artists that create gorgeous items for children! Nancy Ellen Studios, Bark River Boutique and Zoe Heartblast are our featured Team Members this week!

Kids Kids Kids

Meet Nancy, Carol and Zoe!

Awesome fashions by awesome artists and all members of the On Fire for Handmade Team on Etsy!

Are YOU On Fire for Handmade? These artists are!

Nancy Ratte of Nancy Ellen Studios Carol of Bark River Boutique Zoe Rawcliffe of Zoe Heartblast

Nancy Ellen Studios

At Nancy Ellen Studios you will find Handmade Gift Bags, Sachets, Cosmetic Bags, and more! Nancy Ratte is the Owner/Designer that works behind the scenes! Only high quality fabrics and supplies are used to create in my one woman, handmade shop. I make every item individually, by hand, with great care and attention to detail.

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Bark River Boutique

At Bark River Boutique you will find original handmade gifts and unique accessories! Carol is the Owner/Designer that works behind the scenes in the shop!  I’ve sold handmade crafts, vegetables, herbs, and dried florals at local markets, craft fairs and galleries for nearly two decades. Three years ago, I decided to open MeowWow, that specializes in handmade toys for cats, using our homegrown catnip; recently.  I decided to open this 2nd Etsy shop to feature some of my other handmade items.

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Zoe Heartblast

At Zoe Heartblast you will find Beautiful and unique childrens clothing & accessories. Zoe Rawcliffe is the Owner/Designer that works behind the scenes.  I have been sewing just over a year now! Eeekers, so many adventures to be taken! I have a lot of ideas and I am looking forward to bringing it all to life! ZoeHeartblast-Boutique  was started in hope to give everyone out there, the option to buy beautiful handmade clothing & other items at affordable prices!

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On Fire for Handmade

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