Gingers Garden

Gingers Garden Featured ArtFire ArtistGingers Garden our featured artist today at On Fire for Handmade. You will find handmade, artisan soaps, lotions with natural ingredients, lip balms, shaving cream and after shaves for men. All lotions are paraben free. Natural Body Wash Shower Gel made with organic Aloe Vera and Essential Oils.

Gingers Garden

“My name is Irena and I am the owner of Ginger’s Garden. I am a Master Soapmaker and Bath & Body Formulator. An Herbalist, Licensed Esthetician and Aromatherapist with over 25 years of experience I take pride in what I do.

I started making soaps in 1969 under my mother’s supervision. Before that I watched my mother and grandmother make soap from a distance. They made it the “old fashioned” way. Made in a kettle, with a wooden soap mold that was lined with damp close woven cloth. The methods have changed from my grandmother’s time, but the oils and herbs are still natural.

Passion for Art

My handmade soaps are made using quality natural ingredients. They are kinder and gentler to your skin. Soap makes its own glycerin during the soap making process. All my soaps are  super fatted. This creates a bar that will not strip the skin. Handmade soaps are such a wonderful way to pamper your skin and body at a reasonable price. Cold process method used. All soaps made from scratch.”

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