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Flaunt Designs Jewelry Featured Etsy ArtistFlaunt Designs Jewelry is this weeks Featured Etsy Artist here at On Fire for Handmade! You will find Gemstone necklaces, earrings & European bracelet charms in this Etsy Shop! Handmade gemstone necklaces, dangle earrings, bracelets & European charms. Simple, organic designs in sterling silver, 14K gold filled and natural gemstones; ready to send, gift boxed.

Flaunt Designs Jewelry Shout Out Etsy ArtistFlaunt Designs Jewelry

Nature inspires me; organic forms, color and texture. I love taking little parts of our Earth – shimmering metal, lustrous pearls, a roughly hewn gemstone suffused with inner light and, lately, even hand felted natural wool dyed bright and beautiful colors – and using them in my work. Reassuring and elemental, wearing these pretty stones, metals and natural fibers against our skin is an act that connects us both to the natural world and to our ancestors, who have been adorning themselves in this way for millennia.

Inspired by life, created by hand

I’m a self taught jewelry artist and enjoy the whole creation process. A scribbled idea on a piece of paper, through sourcing materials, crafting the item with my own two hands and eventually taking its picture, writing a description and listing it in my shop. My natural inclination is towards simple, organic designs. Sometimes I cannot resist a colorful dash of gemstone for added spice.  Recently, I have added some vintage pieces and, in my new supplies section, some unique commercially sourced pieces to add to your own creations.

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