Awesome Etsy Shops

Awesome Etsy Shops is what you will find in this weeks On Fire Shout Out!  Meet 3 new On Fire for Handmade Team Members. Awesome artists who create beautiful handmade creations! Awesome Etsy Shops This week we would like to introduce to you 3 artists that create beautiful items by hand. MKedra

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Barefoot Sandal Shop

Barefoot Sandal Shop Featured Etsy Artist

Barefoot Sandal Shop is this weeks Featured Etsy Artist here at On Fire for Handmade. You will find stunning Barefoot Sandals Shoes Jewelry Accessories in this Etsy Shop. Marilyn Gilmore is the Artist that creates these beauties! She crochets back on all crochet sandal ties to make them more durable than

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Bag it Up!

Bag it Up OnFire Etsy Team Members Shout Out

Bag it up with a Handmade handbag from one of these Awesome Shops. This week we are featuring 3 of our On Fire for Handmade Etsy Team Members that create Handbags to help you look your very best. Beautiful styles and colors to be found and each very unique! Take

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Hats by Anne 1942

Hats by Anne 1942 Featured Etsy Artist

Hats by Anne 1942 this weeks Featured Etsy Artist at On Fire for Handmade. You will find handmade Crochet Hats, Zen Rock Art, Crosses, and Cell Phone Purses in this shop! Anne’s creations have found homes in the USA, Canada, Italy, Ireland, Spain and Australia. Anne is an artist with yarns,

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Add Some Stitches

Add Some Stitches is this weeks On Fire for Handmade Featured Etsy Artist of the week. You will find beautiful Handmade Crochet Hats, Decor, and more in this Etsy Shop! Fun fashions accessories and Brightly colored Handmade creations! Add Some Stitches “Hi! I’m Megan. I love to craft, especially crochet. Ever since I

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Twisted Bobbin Designs

Twisted Bobbin Designs is this weeks featured Zibbet Shop here at the On Fire for Handmade Site. You will find Decorative Pillow covers, Curtains, Valances, Drafts stoppers and Fabrics. Home of thousands of Decorative Pillow Covers, Draft stoppers, Valances, Curtains ,Table Runners,Table Linens And More. Resigned from my full time job

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Be Beautiful Ladies

Be Beautiful Ladies Featured Etsy Artists

Be Beautiful with luxurious Bath and Beauty items from one of these Etsy Shops!  Meet our Team members from Etsy! We have 3 new shops this week to introduce you to! Shops filled with yummy bath and beauty products. All members of the On Fire for Handmade Team on Etsy and all very talented artisans!

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Imaginary Relics

Imaginary Relics is this weeks Featured ArtFire artist here at On Fire for Handmade. You will find Steampunk style Jewelry and Vintage Style Hats in this ArtFire Shop! Truly One of a Kind works of art you will love to wear.. or turn into a Decor piece for your home!

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9 Elizabeth Street

9 Elizabeth Street Featured Etsy Artist 2017

9 Elizabeth Street is this weeks Featured Etsy Artist here at On Fire for Handmade. You will find hand knit and crocheted fashion accessories: hats, cowls, scarves, shawls and necklaces in this Etsy Shop! “Handmade means unique. It means this item was made one stitch at a time by someone who

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